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Does someone owe you money? MacKellars Lawyers can assist you in debt recovery services quickly and economically.

We have extensive experience in negotiating commercial disputes, litigating them and recovering your money.

MacKellars Lawyers are familiar with, and competent to run your Debt Recovery matter, in any of the New South Wales, and Federal Courts.

When it comes to slow paying debtors, which can cripple a business, we also appreciate that you may want to retain commercial relations with your customers. Call us for some tips on how to manage and improve collections from your slow paying customers, tailored to suit your needs.

Deny being indebted?

Do you dispute that you owe any money, or the amount claimed? We can help you prepare your defence and defend unfair or unconscionable claims.

Contact us on 1300 124 454 or via online enquiry form for a free initial consultation on your debt recovery services.

You can be confident that MacKellars lawyers are taking care of your interests.

Taking care of your interests...

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