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Isn’t it time you made a will?

Whether you need to make a simple will or prepare a testamentary trust MacKellars will be taking care of your interest. Get the right advice to avoid family disputes and challanges to your will. Then have it prepared professionally to protect the property and assets you have worked so hard to get.

Do you need to appoint a power of attorney, or a guardian?

MacKellars Lawyers can help you plan your affairs and look after your interests when you can’t.

Whether you need someone to manage your financial affairs, or your personal health and well being, MacKellars Lawyer will help you to care for your family’s interests.

Probate or Letter of Administration

Have you been appointed an executor or trustee. MacKellars Lawyers will help you prepare your probate application and administer the estate.

Why is having a will important?

We often hear about how important it is to have a will. It's a legal document that sets out who will receive your property, possessions, and other assets when you pass. It gives you the best chance to ensure that your property and assets are handled in the way you wish them to be. Without a will, your possessions are typically passed to your spouse; if you don't have a spouse, it'll pass to your children, your parents, and so forth, until a beneficiary is found. If you don't have eligible relatives, your estate will pass to the state. Legal and de facto spouses can complicate this process, too.

If you want your last wishes executed upon, MacKellars Lawyers can help prepare a simple will, or even prepare a testamentary trust. We can provide you with the best advice to avoid disputes and challenges to your will, so that you can express your wishes as clearly as possible. And, of course, we can help you professionally prepare the documents to protect your hard-earned property and assets.

MacKellars Lawyers can also handle probate applications, and administer the estate as an executor.

As always, MacKellars prides ourselves on communicating law clearly and without jargon, so that you're informed and aware of what's happening at every stage. We put your best interests first to ensure the best outcome for you, your family, and your loved ones.

Taking care of your interests...

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