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Professional, courteous service that seeks the best outcome

At MacKellars Lawyers, our experience can deliver the best possible outcome. If you need experienced insolvency lawyers in Sydney, Mackellar’s has assisted insolvency practitioners, business owners and company directors in achieving commercial.


The law is complex and the responsibilities are onerous. We can make your insolvency problems as painless as possible.

MacKellars Lawyers can, and have, acted for directors, financiers, liquidators, receivers and managers, voluntary administrators and accountants, as well as individuals.

Commercial outcomes

We can act on your behalf, as Sydney lawyers specialising in insolvency law, on such matters as:

Issue and follow up on debt recovery letters for you or your business
Advise on the options available to you in recovering a debt. We will give practical advice that ensures a commercial outcome.
Advise on potential counter-claims in the matter of a disputed debt.
Assess other options for dispute resolution to enable a more commercial outcome to an issue.

Should an insolvency issue arise we can advise on formal and informal workouts and any other commercial solutions to minimise your time and costs, whilst maximising returns.

Taking care of your interests...

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