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We have the tenacity and the will to win.

As a Sydney lawyer specialising in litigation services in civil and commercial disputes Atticus Busby at MacKellar Lawyers can assure you of three things:

Excellent and skilled representation in Court

Practical, unbiased advice

Your best interests at heart

The range of our services includes experience in the various tribunals and conciliation bodies that are available to aggrieved parties.

We are able to assist with the following litigation matters:

Court Appearances – we have the experience to make this as successful as possible

Arbitration and Mediation – always a less combative experience with good results available

Disputes Resolution – we can help you sort out difficult issues in a timely and cost-effective manner

Commercial Litigation – should you need excellent Court performance, we can help.

Other options other than litigation:

Alternative Dispute Resolution – a body that enables the tidy resolution of disputes without the expense and time of Court.

Ombudsman – bodies within various commercial realms that seek to assist with issues against various government departments or statutory bodies.

Tribunals – or commissions that investigate, adjudicate and enforce rulings. We can appear for you in front of these bodies and help prepare your case.

For sound commercial dispute resolution turn to us. We provide timely, unbiased advice that has your best interests at heart.

We can provide legal advice and Court representation for the following litigation disputes and issues:

Injunctions and declarations

Debt collection

Debt defence

Company liquidation


Commercial matters

Property disputes

Contract matters

Building disputes

Partnership matters

Shareholder disputes

Commercial lease disputes

Retail lease matters

Wills and estate disputes

For a free initial consultation, contact us on 1300 124 454 or email, online enquiry form.

Taking care of your interests...

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